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Worcester, MA

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Worcester shares certain traits with all great cities: a vibrant, undeniable energy and culture that drives their growth and characterizes their livability.. One is hard pressed to find another city of comparable size with a greater concentration of world-class colleges and universities. Worcester, with its population of 181,045, is home to 9 colleges and universities (a half-dozen more in neighboring communities), including the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, College of the Holy Cross, Clark University, MCPHS University and Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Shrewsbury as a town is desired because of its location with major routes connecting all the major cities by major highways, rail service. Shrewsbury boasts a population of 35,000 with numerous public and diverse private schools. It is divided from Worcester by Lake Quinsigamond. Many colleges (both local and abroad) hold regattas on the lake. Shrewsbury Library- with its growing demand for library services- recently put forth a proposal that would create a new 42,000-square-foot (3,900 m2) facility for a total of approximately $19 million. Then there is Dean Park, walking distance to town center, providing 75 acres of play fields, tennis, basket ball, walking and jogging trails and fishing. There is a ski ward for the beginning or advanced skier that showcases nine trails and 4 lifts, right in our own back yard. From these towns you can drive to Boston, Springfield, Providence, Cape Cod, and the entire coast line within one to one and half hour. You would love to live here.

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