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Schriever Air Force Base (Formerly Falcon Air Force Station)

Located ten miles due east of Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB is one of the newest Air Force installations. Construction started on the land in 1983 with operations commencing in 1985. Construction on operational facilities has been ongoing since 1983. Until recently, there were no lodging facilities available on or near the installation; however, there are now over 200 permanent military family housing units providing a small percentage of the base's population a short, safe journey home when the weather conditions can make the journey between Shriever and Colorado Springs very treacherous. 

The AF choose this particular site, which was in a very sparsely populated portion of El Paso County, to serve as the Consolidated Space Operations Center (CSOC):  the primary backup for Space Shuttle Operations out of Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas. At the time, JSC was experiencing severe encroachment issues which significantly impacted their ability to perform their mission. The purpose of this site was to provide a very secure area inside two perimeter fences and sufficient land outside the fenced area to ensure there would never be encroachment issues like those faced at JSC.

In June 1988, Falcon AFS was upgraded to an Air Force Base and in 1998, the name was changed to Schriever Air Force Base in honor of retired General Bernard Schriever, who pioneered the development of the US ballistic missile program.
Today, Schriever AFB is the home of the 50th Space Wing under the Air Force Space Command located at nearby Peterson AFB. The Wing provides command and control of over 170 DOD warning, navigation and communication satellites. Among the many other units located at Schriever AFB, the Missile Defense Integration and Operations and Space Innovation and Development Centers call this installation home.

Greater Colorado Springs Area

Many people who have not visited Colorado have the perception that the Colorado Springs Area, like the nearby ski resorts, is covered with snow most of the year, and that the primary means of transportation is on horseback. In fact, Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado, with over 400,000 residents! And while horseback riding is still popular, it's mostly done on farms and ranches in the unincorporated areas in the County.

The area has all four seasons, occasionally on the same day! The temperature on one June day reached a record 94 degrees; two days later the temperature was 43 with five inches of snow in the higher elevations. Temperatures range from an average of 41 degrees in January to 85 degrees in July. It is not uncommon to see golfers playing in shorts and short sleeve shirts in January, even though there might be some snow patches on the ground. It can also get very windy, with wind speeds recorded over 75 mph (hurricane strength) closer to the mountains. The annual average snowfall is just over 42 inches, while precipitation averages over 15 inches each year.

The altitude in the County ranges from just over 5,000 feet at the south end up to 14,110 on top of Pikes Peak; the city of Colorado Springs has an average altitude of 6,035. The humidity ranges from an average of 63% in the mornings to 40% in the afternoons. Because of the low humidity, an afternoon rainstorm can quickly drop the outside temperature 20 degrees or more.

The Greater Colorado Springs Area is home to the United States Olympic Committee and the main Olympic Training Facility. The Olympic Training Facility occupies the land and many buildings left behind when Ent Air Force Base was deactivated and closed in 1976.

There are 15 public school districts in El Paso County, ranging from just over 200 students in the smallest district to almost 30,000 students in the largest, as well as many private schools. Higher education options include the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado College, and the US Air Force Academy.

The Colorado Springs Airport (COS) has frequent flights to and from Denver (DIA), just over an hour's drive away. Interstate 25, which runs north and south from Wyoming to Texas, skirts the Colorado Springs downtown area and is used by locals to travel from the northern area of the County to the southern area. Although locals complain about the traffic, people who visit here from other parts of the country marvel at how easy it is to get around on our roads!

Five military installations employ almost 75,000 military, civilians and government contractors, with a total economic impact in excess of $6 billion to the state of Colorado in 2010. In fact, approximately 40 percent of the local economy is attributable to funding provided through the Department of Defense, a number that local officials realize must be lowered. To achieve this objective, there is a significant effort to attract new primary employers into the area.

Although the local real estate market avoided the dramatic swings in home values experienced in many markets, home sale prices have depreciated 17.9% over the last 5 years in Colorado Springs, and the median sales price is currently $170,000.

The rental market consists of both multi-family (apartments) and single family homes, ranging in price from $400 to $1500/month. Since there is no state approved standard residential lease in Colorado, we recommend having your lease reviewed by an attorney.

The Military Affairs Council (MAC), is a division of the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, has been instrumental in supporting local members of the Military and their families. In 1941, the MAC was established in Colorado Springs to advocate bringing Camp (now Fort) Carson to Colorado. Since then, the MAC has been credited as being the driving force that attracted the USAF Academy, NORAD, Air Force Space Command and US Northern Command to this Area. The MAC has worked tirelessly to unite the military and community, aggressively work Base Realignment and Closure issues, and coordinate other infrastructure and issues of mutual concern between the military and the local community.

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