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Make yourself at home in Peoria!!  We are proud to be the site of the world headquarters of Caterpillar, Inc., but we have many global businesses that allow Peoria to play all over the World through their products and services. Peoria has begun to diversify its economy with infotech industries as well. Our business community attracts some of the brightest graduates throughout the nation.
This three-time All American City has the heart that is so well known in the Midwest. Peoria derives its name from the aboriginal inhabitants encountered by the first wave of French explorers. Located along the winding Illinois River, our citizens enjoy both the fast pace of a dynamic community and the slower, old-fashioned tempo.
Established in 1691, Peoria is now the largest city on the Illinois River and the oldest European settlement in Illinois.  We are a City that cares, home to many charity agencies and organizations. Peoria is well known for giving more per capita than many cities of its size. We are the Heart in the Heart of the Nation.

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