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The offerings in Everett are as diverse as they are plentiful. Everything from major corporations (Boeing) to some of the best fishing on the west coast takes place in this town. Just 25 miles north of Seattle, Everett is the home to Naval Station Everett, which opened in 1992.
Everett's marina, which is the largest on the west coast, frequently hosts farmers' markets and various music festivals throughout the year. There are about 19 different neighborhoods that make up Everett, all of which are independently registered.
Naval Air Station Everett, which is considered to be the U.S. Navy's most modern facility, is the homeport for a naval Carrier Strike Group. It is home to a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, three frigates and two destroyers.
Approximately 6,000 sailors and civil servants are employed by the commands located within the area, 350 of them are assigned directly to the naval station.
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