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Located in in Middlesex County, Natick is only 15 miles away from Boston. Approximately 33,000 people live in town and have access to the historic Natick Center, the cultural nucleus of the town.
Historic sites intertwine with new architecture, offering residents easy access to civic buildings, restaurants and other small businesses. The Natick Center is one of only nine state designated cultural districts.
The Natick Parks & Recreation department plans extensive indoor and outdoor activities to help residents of all ages stay happy and fit. The town's website even has a walking guide/map of the area. Additionally there are plenty of parks and a nine-hole golf course in town.
Many of the town's residents are employed by the United States Army Soldier Systems Center (SSC) that handles the research and development of service member support items like airdrop systems, clothing, shelters, food and other items.  The SSC is a small base that is responsible for the testing and quality control of supplies provided to military in not only the Army but also other branches of services as well.  This includes testing in extreme conditions both the humans and materials provided.  It is a relatively small center on 78 acres.  Not far from Boston, personnel have access to sports, entertainment, historical and other interests as well as some of the best medical and educational facilities in the country.  Natick and the surrounding communities of Wellesley, Sudbury, Framingham, Holliston and Wayland, Massachusetts offer a variety of housing opportunities, services and local entertainment for residents.  
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