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Alaska is a great place to visit and call home for many reasons, from the unique climate, to the lifestyle, to the daily attractions. There's no better place to experience this gorgeous state than in one of Alaska's largest cities of Fairbanks. Second only to Anchorage, this city is one of the most popular metropolitan cities of Alaska, and is nearby Fort Wainwright, serving as a mainstay part of the growing community.

Alaska is a state like unlike any other, and the cooler weather makes it perfect for sports found only in this region. For participants and bystanders alike, there is always something to take part in. Fairbanks is proud to host different competitions throughout the year, including the annual 50k Sonot Kkaazoot race and Fairbanks Town Series. Not only are there countless races and cross-country skiing events, but there is Fairbanks is also home to the If watching sports is competitive Yukon Quest, which is the known internationally as the toughest sled dog race in the world.

Travel has been a crucial part of Fairbanks and includes an extensive road, rail and air transportation systems that connect the city to the rest of the state. Whether you decide to travel on the trusted railway system or through the Fairbanks International Airport, it's easy to get to your next destination.

Fairbanks is full of an amazing culture and lifestyle only found in this area. It's a great place to call home!


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