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Barstow, California is a city that many of us have seen without even realizing it. Not only is it home to Fort Irwin, but many of us have seen it as the film backdrop of Erin Brockovich, Kill Bill Volume 2 and Courage Under Fire just to name a few.

But Barstow is more than just a unique site for a movie set. Over 20,000 people call it home because of its unique history, economy and area lifestyle. Barstow was established almost 200 years ago and has been growing ever since, in large part thanks to it being the strongest transportation center for the Riverside-San Bernardino area.

There is something for every age, and Barstow is home to one of the last drive-in movie theatres in San Bernandino County. If you need to brush up on the city's history, look no further than some of the unique museums to the area such as the Route 66 Mother Road Museum and the Western America Railroad Museum.

Whatever draws you to this great city, Barstow is a wonderful place to call home!

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