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Fort Carson is located in the southeastern portion of the City of Colorado Springs, and is virtually a self-contained city within a city. In addition to its own runway, Fort Carson has industrial, office and retail space; dormitories for single military members and housing for families; hotel-like accommodations for travelers; both fast food and sit-down restaurants; a medical facility; and fitness facilities including a pool, gymnasiums and an 18-hole golf course. It is possible for a military member to live, work and play within the installation for their entire tour of one, two or three years, without ever having to go off the base.  However, doing so would mean that they would not experience all the benefits that are afforded both military and civilians fortunate enough to be stationed in the Pikes Peak Area.

The Fort, established after the attack on Pearl Harbor, was originally Camp Carson in 1942. In 1943 there were about 43,000 military personnel stationed at the camp. The camp trained nurses, mule packers, tank battalions, a Greek infantry battalion and an Italian ordnance company'every type of soldier needed for the war.
Camp Carson was used as a prisoner of war internment camp for about 9000 German, Italian and Japanese prisoners during WWII. The POWs did farm work, canned tomatoes, cut corn and worked in logging operations on Colorado's Western Slope.

In 1954 Camp Carson was redesignated Fort Carson. In the1960s the Fort acquired a mechanized unit which required additional land for training. To accommodate this mission the Fort was expanded by over 137,000 acres. In 1983 the Fort acquired more than 235,000 acres about 150 miles to the southeast called the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site for large force-on-force maneuver training.  Today this area and the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, provide the majority of training for the soldiers assigned to Fort Carson when not deployed outside the US.

Fort Carson is currently home to the 4th Infantry Division. Its major tenants include:

a. 10th Special Forces Group
b. 71st Ordnance Group (EOD)
c. 4th Engineer Battalion
d. 759th Military Police Battalion
e. 10th Combat Support Hospital
f. 43rd Sustainment Brigade
g. 13th Air Support Operations Squadron USAF
h. 52nd Engineer Battalion
i. 502nd Personnel Services Battalion

Fort Carson has sent thousands of soldiers to fight the war on terror, both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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