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College Station is a twin city directly Adjacent to Bryan, Texas and is located approximately 100 miles northwest of Houston, Texas. College Station was named originally for a train stop at Texas A&M University. Texas A&M University was founded as a Land Grant College under the Morrill Act. That established Land Grant Colleges in each state of the United States in 1876. College Station has rapidly grown from an Agricultural and Mechanical College in the late 1960s to one of the largest Universities in the United States with approximately 70,000 students. Both Blinn College and Texas A&M University are jointly moving forward with construction of a major distance learning center at the Riverside Campus of Texas A&M University that is planned to add an additional college student enrollment of an additional 15,000 students in the near future. In terms of College Station employment, Texas A&M University in conjunction with Scott and White Hospital, the College Station Med Hospital and along with other supporting medical services are the largest employers in the College Station area. Texas A&M University is also home to the George Bush Presidential Library and the Center for Public Policy. Texas A&M University offers a broad scope of educational opportunities ranging from Agriculture, biomedical science, Nursing and medical degrees as well as a diverse number of engineering degrees. College Station offers a wide degree of retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues. College Station entertainment venues include Veteran's Park for a broad array of sporting events, the Wolf Pen Creek Park Outdoor Theater for concerts and other events. In addition, Texas A&M University provides additional entertainment venues such as major sporting events, Opera and Performing Arts presentations, and other entertainment options. In regards to the local housing market, College Station provides a broad spectrum of affordable housing ranging from $250,000 to $1,000,000. College Station neighborhoods offer close in locations such as the Southside Historical District as well as more upscale suburban subdivisions such as Pebble Creek, Castle Gate, and Indian Lakes. The intersection of State Highway 6 and Fitch Parkway represent the new retail restaurant epicenter of South College Station. The primary demographics of College Station aside from students include many young professionals as well as a significant number of former Aggie retirees.

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