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Moving with Pets

Posted 3 years ago

Military relocation for PCS orders is a big transition, but you may be able to take your pet along. Family housing usually allows two pets, maximum. Barracks, on the other hand, don't allow pets. If you live off-base, you'll need to locate an apartment that has pet policies for housing and is in your basic housing allowance budget.

How can you help your furry companion transitioning to a new home smoothly? By planning for travel, caring for your animal during transport, and helping it adjust to an unfamiliar living space.

Before You Move

Contact the base's veterinarian, your consulate, or do online research to see what documents you'll need for travel. International destinations typically require a heath certificate from a licensed veterinarian and, possibly, a quarantine period.

Call for the pet policies of any hotels or campgrounds you're staying at during the journey.

Get a veterinary checkup to make sure your pet's healthy enough to travel. You can get a health certificate for travel and discuss strategies to keep your animal calm.

Pack your pet's favorite toys, snacks, non-tip dishes for food and water, and their favorite blanket.

Moving Day

If you're traveling by plane, follow all of the airline's instructions for pet transport. Carry with you a photograph of your pet and his documentation.

Moving by vehicle? Keep your pet's crate stocked with water. Never, ever leave them alone in the car. Animals can panic and harm themselves or succumb to extreme temperatures very quickly.

If your dog needs to visit nature, clip a leash on before opening the car door.

Settling In

Prepare your pet's room. Set out toys, dishes, and a blanket so it will smell like their space. Keep them shut in while you're moving into the home, so they won't slip out.

Next, introduce your pet to the rest of the house. Don't let them into the yard until you're sure the fencing is secure and there's nothing lying around that they could get hurt on. Give your pet a lot of comfort and encouragement and they should adjust quickly.

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