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Make Your Move Less Taxing

Posted 2 years ago

There are few things as stressful as moving — other than a new job or major life change like a marriage, birth, break-up, or death, which might be the reason for the move — which means you are REALLY stressed out about moving! Take a deep breath; we’ve got a few ways you can make your big move less taxing.

You Can’t Take it with You
Make a checklist of things you need to wrangle-up before you ride off into the sunset. Do you have anything in a safe deposit box at the bank? Do you have any items left at the dry cleaners? Do you still have the neighbor’s pie plate from over the holidays? Do you have any DVDs or books from the library? It’s time to reclaim or return any items in question. It’s also time to transfer any utilities and subscriptions, notify your bank and creditors about your new address and mentally schedule a time to get your driver’s license and passport updated.

No Supplies Surprise
Do you know why pack and ship places can charge you so much money for packing supplies? Because they can; you didn’t plan ahead and you need them now. Order packing tape, a tape gun, permanent markers, boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, dish protectors and labels well in advance of your move. Just having them around can be motivation for you to start packing (and let’s face it; you’re going to need a lot of motivation).

Book Movers and Capture the Moment
Undoubtedly, you’ve heard some horror stories about movers. Do your homework! Whether it’s perusing Angie’s List or going on the recommendation of a friend, work with a mover who has a proven track record. Take photos of your valuables and note any dings, dents, scratches or stains on furniture. Should something go wrong with the move you’ll have photographic evidence of what your belongings looked like before the move.

Fuel the Urge to Purge
Schedule a pick-up from a local charity for housewares and clothing you no longer use. Be merciless. If it does not fit, donate it. Many of us will feel guilty for having spent money on something that no longer fits. Make yourself feel better by donating it to someone who can really use it, particularly with special occasion attire that someone could wear to a prom or school dance. There are organizations like The Glass Slipper Project that do wonderful things with these donations.

Pack Mindfully
Keep one box set aside for things you will need immediately: toilet paper, phone chargers, paper plates, plastic cups, cleaning supplies and above all, a wine opener. Transport that box with you, not the movers. As for everything else you are packing, keep that same notion of “what will I need first?’ Bed linens and towels should be a priority; holiday décor, not so much. Pack the low priority stuff first and you’ll feel a sense of momentum packing everything else.

Good luck with your move and may you bloom where planted!

by Elizabeth Kinsella, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

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